On-site lottery, on-site speech, president's comments on Minglong lecture hall: what is needed is "liver tremor"

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"If you can't be the first, you must be the only one. Use courage and faith to build an upgraded version of Chinese enterprises." After Jia Wenguang, general manager of the plastic company, finished his speech, he breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he did his homework in advance, otherwise he would be humiliated.


The operation mode of "Minglong Lecture Hall" makes the management personnel in the company face an enemy. The Minglong Lecture Hall, which has already held five sessions, has become a monthly compulsory examination.


"The general manager of a branch company felt that he did not speak well for the first time. Later, he took the initiative to ask for a repeat of the speech. He went back to prepare carefully and told everyone again." Guo Fengen, assistant to the president of Minglong Holding Group Co., Ltd., said that since the company has made this attempt, few people standing on it are not nervous.


"The key to innovation lies in people, especially young people with broad thinking and innovative consciousness." The theme of Jia Wenguang's speech was how to realize management innovation and product innovation. When he talked about the problems encountered in the innovation process, Zhu Jianhua, president of Minglong Group, who was sitting on the stage, nodded frequently.


"In order to pool collective wisdom and make concerted efforts to build a better tomorrow for Minglong, it is now decided to hold the fifth phase of the" Minglong Lecture Hall "activity." In the previous notices issued by the group, all party members have become regular visitors, and basically all employees have participated in the lectures.


In the past, Minglong held regular party classes. Party branch secretaries mainly took turns to give party classes to Party members and activists. Since the launch of the Minglong Lecture Hall last year, the scope of lectures has been expanded and the keynote speaker has changed. The management above the president assistant will take turns to speak. The content has also changed from the more general ideological education in the past to practical issues related to enterprises, such as how to lead the team to do a good job in production and broaden sales at the height of group, how to improve enterprise party building and enterprise culture.


During the interview, many employees remembered the contents of the third issue. On October 7, affected by the strong typhoon "Fett", the water level of Changshan River in Tudian Town soared, Minglong Company was flooded in many places, and plastic and warp knitting were affected to varying degrees, especially in Kibu No.2 Workshop and Qinxing Brick and Tile Factory. The water level once reached 1.5 meters, and all equipment, finished products and raw materials were flooded. In the lecture hall on the 12th, the keynote speeches of Guo Fengen and Jin Xueping, general manager of the import and export company, all revolved around the post-disaster production self-rescue.


Shen Li, secretary of Kibu Company, still remembers Guo Fengen's speech about the company's heavy losses after Typhoon Fitter. His moving speech encouraged every Minglong person. According to her description, at the scene of the lecture hall, the company decided to set up five assault teams to rush to the disaster front line in the form of rotational support.


"After the lectures by the president's assistant and above are finished, there may be innovations." Zhu Ying, Vice Minister of Human Resources, said that after the opening of the lecture hall last year, employees have a better understanding of the group's development ideas and feel that the management has also used their brains to plan for the development of the enterprise.


Business merchandiser Zhang Ying felt that the lecture hall made employees understand how enterprises and individuals should grow better. "'I am the root of everything,' this is a sentence I learned in the lecture hall."


After Jia Wenguang finished his speech, Gao Jiansheng, deputy general manager of Kibu Company, and Sun Xuehua, general manager of Kibu Company, successively took the stage to give lectures. In Sun Xuehua's speech, he also put forward some suggestions to several other branches in the group, including that the warp knitting company should deepen the adjustment of product structure, and the plastic company should carry out qualitative change by quantitative change, and first increase the quantity......


Hearing suggestions for his branch office, Jia Wenguang quickly wrote down some comments in his notebook.


"The Minglong Lecture Hall is to listen to the ideas of young people, make suggestions for the development of enterprises, and let them imagine the future." Zhu Jianhua expressed the original intention of setting up the lecture hall. In his opinion, the lecture hall not only provides a platform for thinking about the development of the enterprise, but also improves the personal quality of the speaker.


In the multi-functional conference hall, Zhu Jianhua praised the three speakers who had just finished their speeches in front of all the administrative staff, workshop team leaders and above, and all Party members. He also talked about his views on the problems that the group needs to solve urgently.


"There must be a method for success and a reason for failure. The reason lies in insufficient study." As the fifth Minglong Lecture Hall drew to a close, Zhu Jianhua sent this sentence to everyone.