"Fengya Tongxiang Recitation" | Zhu Jianhua: Between the lines, Find and Inspire Entrepreneurship

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As soon as the "Xiuyu Cup Fengya Tongxiang Recitation" poetry contest was launched, the main committee of the contest will receive more and more reading works. In Langlang's poems and beautiful articles, we have heard many ordinary people's lives, emotions and passionate love for their hometown.

Today we will welcome the sixth specially invited "reader"-Zhu Jianhua, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Minglong Group. He will read to us Mao Zedong's modern words-"Qinyuan Spring · Snow".

Approaching Zhu Jianhua

"Qinyuan Spring Snow" is a hymn of snow, a picture of the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland, and a song of revolutionary heroes striving for the happiness of the people. In Zhu Jianhua's eyes, there is another inspirational emotion of private entrepreneurs working hard to start a business, and an entrepreneurial spirit of "not waiting for the whip to work hard.

An examination of the soul

"Qinyuan Spring Snow", written by Mao Zedong, a great man of a generation, 8 words, majestic, vigorous and romantic.

Why did you choose "Spring Snow in Qinyuan"? Zhu Jianhua said that he used poetry to praise this piece of paradise for entrepreneurship and inspire entrepreneurs to innovate. "Qinyuanchun · Snow" is a process of summing up experience, which is very important for enterprises.

In the cadence of reading aloud, Zhu Jianhua used his own unique expression to express the hard work of a private entrepreneur and an entrepreneurial spirit of excellence.

Zhu Jianhua said

"Minglong" still has a long way to go in the future, and there will be more choices, but as long as I stand in this position, I will definitely look up at the stars, keep my feet on the ground, and walk down hillside by hillside.

Which sentence in "Spring Snow in Qinyuan" moves you the most? Zhu Jianhua's face is full of confidence in the sentence "All the past, count the romantic figures, and look at the present. He said that the road is his own, how to go, which direction to go, every step is the key, the height of the entrepreneur's state of mind determines the achievements of enterprise development.

As for poetry, Zhu Jianhua has no special favorite category, but poems full of entrepreneurial feelings and inspiring spirit always make him fondle admiringly.

"How many times can autumn go to spring a lifetime of hard work, people live a hundred years of ambition to rest. And when the young and strong diligent, don't wait for the old to tears to wash the cup. Autumn rain will fly geese, spring breeze and the fragrance of the crowd. Time flies from it, I own hard work and flowers to open?" Tang Bohu's poem, was hung in the middle of Zhu Jianhua's office.

He said

Every poem is a story, and in these stories, it tells a kind of indomitable and fighting spirit, which makes me feel the same. Between the lines, it tells the real hardships of my entrepreneurship and the way of enterprise development.

"The sea of business is floating and sinking, so that more entrepreneurs can explore a place where their souls live by reading poems." Zhu Jianhua said that there is a poem in everyone's heart, which is a reciter, "take dreams as horses, live up to your youth"!

A kind of persistence to Do not forget your initiative mind

32 years ago, it was a turning point in Zhu Jianhua's life.

32 years ago, he learned to measure the market with his feet

Since then, in the small town of Shijing on the bank of the Changshan River.

A story about "Ming Long" is being woven


From the weft knitting factory to the "Minglong Holding Group" with an output value of nearly 1 billion yuan, now "Minglong" has developed into a group company with 7 companies, involving textiles, light box cloth, industrial mesh cloth, woolen sweaters, Finance and other fields, using "economic benefits" as the element again and again to draw an arc of economic rise.

Looking back on the segment of starting a business, Zhu Jianhua moved his sitting posture, slowly pressed his back tightly to the sofa, and looked out of the window with deep nostalgia in his eyes. "At that time, I didn't know what tired was, and I didn't know what tired was. I was full of energy!" In his words, it can be vaguely heard that Zhu Jianhua has a kind of recollection and recognition of himself when he was young.

"It was not easy for us to do business and run the market at that time. There is an old saying that sums it up well. This is called'three skins and four thousands '." Zhu Jianhua raised his right hand and began to explain: three skins, that is, crustily skin of head, thick skin, worn out the skin of mouth; Four thousand, that is, to say a thousand words, to travel through thousands of mountains and rivers, to do everything possible, to go through thousands of hardships.

At that time, Zhu Jianhua was stuck in the market almost every day. In his own words, only by accurately studying and judging the market can he control the "rudder" of enterprise development ".

For an enterprise, industrial management and capital operation are like two wheels of a car. Only industrial management, enterprises can only single-wheel rolling development, and coupled with capital operation, enterprises can be two-wheel drive, high-speed take-off.

Last year, Zhejiang Minglong Kibu Co., Ltd. successfully listed on the New Third Board, once again showing the future development path and blueprint of "Minglong Holding Group.

Today, "Minglong Kibu" has won the crown of the first market share in the country. Zhu Jianhua said that entrepreneurs not forgetting their original aspirations is not only the persistence of entrepreneurial willpower, but also the continuous subversion and awakening of ideas. Enterprises need to seek development in innovation, boldly take innovative steps, and bravely stand at the forefront.