Zhu Jianhua: Spirit is not measured by numbers

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Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Minglong Holding Group Co., Ltd., for many years, he has actively built the party building brand of "One Heart, One Heart, One Heart, One Share", and established an example of private entrepreneurs who use party building to promote development and build brands through development.


Q: I noticed that Minglong Group has set up an official microblog on Tencent Weibo, called "Minglong under the Party". Many enterprises will set up an official microblog to publish their work information and establish a good image. However, your official microblog takes the party building work as the image displayed by the enterprise to the outside world, and it is updated in a timely manner. Do you have any special ideas about this?


A: I set up the Weibo "Minglong under the Party". My original intention was to better spread my understanding of the party and the experience of Minglong Group in carrying out party building work over the past 20 years. It can be regarded as a special kind of "Chicken Soup for the Soul". I also hope that more people can understand the importance of private enterprises in grasping party building work.


It's a compliment to call people like us entrepreneurs, but in my opinion, many of us may still be business operators, not "entrepreneurs". People who are worthy of the name "home", the "writers" and "educators" we are usually familiar with, they are all people who have taken on a lot of social responsibilities. Such people cannot only think about making money, but also make due contributions to society.


Enterprises are not only economic organizations, but also social cells. Especially in recent years, with the development of the national economy, there are more and more such cells and their influence is increasing. The requirements for them to realize social value are also increasing. high. A few years ago, I often heard the formulation of "strong development, strong party building". I don't agree with it. I think "strong party building makes strong development". Although grasping party building cannot directly produce economic benefits, this work can improve the realm and pattern of entrepreneurs and teams. It brings us the spirit of an enterprise. This spiritual power is not simply measured by numbers. Minglong Group has always put party building in the same important position as production and management, because we have persisted for 10 or 20 years and have seen the great power it brings.


Let me give you an example. In the current economic society, it is hard for everyone to imagine that there are very few employees who are willing to work voluntarily and do not ask for returns in enterprises, and Minglong has them. In 2013, we suffered a major flood here. Many factories stopped production. Minglong Group is no exception. The deepest water in the factory area reached 1.5 meters. Most of the products and equipment were flooded, and the direct economic loss exceeded 10 million yuan. At that time, the party committee immediately convened a meeting of party members and workers of the whole factory, calling for disaster relief and self-help. We organized five commandos, led by party members and cadres, and no one complained, no one paid, and no one slack in work. As a result, the company resumed production in 15 days, which is the most seriously affected but the fastest resumption of production in the local area. At that time, I deeply realized that if the party building work was not in place, the enterprise would not have such a strong cohesion. "Ming Long under the Party's Flag" is to show everyone the various achievements of our Party building in a timely manner.


Q: I heard that you have taught a lot of party lessons this year, not only in your own enterprises, but also for private entrepreneurs and party organization secretaries of enterprises in Jiaxing City. As the chairman of a large enterprise group, are you so free?


A: To be honest, sometimes I go to some companies, especially large companies, to talk about the experience of party building work. I get more pressure and motivation for development from them. Although our Minglong Group has emerged in the warp knitting industry across the country, there is still much room for improvement in the scale of the entire enterprise development. Those of us who are enterprises are still more concerned about this point, that is, when the enterprise becomes bigger and stronger, it is more convincing to talk about party building. Therefore, every time I go to give party lessons to other enterprises, it is a kind of spur to me. While doing a good job in party building in enterprises, I will never forget to make Minglong bigger and stronger.


Secondly, I am really happy to give party lessons, or I stand on those podiums with the desire to promote our Chinese Communist Party. I was born in the early 1960 s. I have experienced the Cultural Revolution, reform and opening up, and the rapid development of China in the past 10 years. I have also grown from a farmer to a handicraft worker to a self-employed person-I was the first to get a self-employed person in China. One of the people in the business license went to the head of a collective enterprise and finally had its own enterprise group.


And because I see that some young people do not have a deep and correct understanding of the party, their concepts are vague, and their attitudes are not correct. Some people have extreme views on the current situation of society and the party's decision-making, so I think it is necessary to talk to them. Tell me about my generation's understanding of the party. In fact, our party has made timely and correct decisions when the country encounters crises and emergencies. In the face of SARS, earthquakes and floods, it is the party's call and guidance, so that everyone can unite and go all out to solve problems and get out of difficulties. I want to tell young people that compared with the past, the development status of our country, the living standards and quality of our citizens have been significantly improved, and even the medical insurance and pension problems that many developed countries have headaches are gradually being solved. This is very difficult.


Although there are very few corrupt elements in the party and some social problems have not been completely solved, other countries are also facing these problems, and we may not do worse than them. I think the younger generation needs to receive more party spirit education to see the good side of the country and the advantages of our party in power. I hope that after listening to my party class, they can look at the problem more dialectically and change some extreme ideas.


Q: You often talk about your thirst for talents. You have also said that what makes you proud is that the turnover rate of employees in the company is very low, and employees have a strong sense of belonging to the company. So how do you think the company can retain talents? In order to make employees regard the company as a second home?


A: The Chinese New Year is coming soon. Many companies will face the problem of rework of employees after the year. Minglong basically does not have to worry about this problem. Our annual rework rate is above 92%. The company has been established for so many years. The turnover rate is also very low.


In my opinion, to manage good people, we must first understand people, understand people, and let employees stay in the enterprise willingly. We must consider their real needs. To sum up, I think it is "three motives and two needs"-achievement motivation, influence motivation, affinity motivation, and meeting their material and spiritual needs.

For example, some employees are very capable and promising. They hope to be valued and cultivated in their hearts, and hope to be recognized by everyone after making achievements. Then the enterprise should build such a platform for him, affirm his achievements and praise his contributions. We select the "most beautiful dragon people" every two years. In fact, we want to let the employees who work diligently or contribute to the development of the company be appreciated, so that everyone can see the glory they deserve. Our company has always insisted on diversified, multi-level and multi-channel to meet the needs of employees. In the end, the best way to retain employees is to let them work with dignity in the enterprise.


Minglong uses the concept of "creating and sharing with one heart" to grasp the party building. Our approach is as follows: hold regular symposiums, seminars, and sharing meetings. The boss said, the senior management said, the party members said, and the employees said, let's talk about it. Speak freely on a theme. These activities are organized by the party committee. In our "Minglong Lecture Hall", everyone can talk about it, and we also encourage everyone to fully express it. Sometimes the employees are embarrassed, we will take the form of drawing lots. People come on stage to speak impromptu. Now, communication tools are developed, and we also use the way of organizing WeChat groups to listen to the voices of employees and encourage them to make suggestions. This year, when Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the Party committee of our group, collected feedback from employees, he found that more than 60% of the foreign employees in the group hoped to settle down locally, so the Party committee formed a proposal report, proposing to pay housing accumulation fund for employees. This proposal is very good. It is not only for the welfare of employees, but also a good practice for them to take root in the local area and Minglong Group. We quickly implemented this practice and the response was particularly good.


It can be said that one of the secrets of keeping people in Minglong is the sense of belonging brought about by the party building work. The most important thing in the operation and management of an enterprise is to solve the fundamental problem of "people" and engage in party building work, which is essentially a good job of "people. I think thought and spirit, this is the first priority of enterprise management. Do a good job of ideological work, the spirit of enterprise employees is obviously different. If an enterprise does not have a party organization, does not have a backbone to lead everyone forward, and does not have a party committee to organize all kinds of party-mass activities from time to time, so that everyone can get spiritual pleasure, then the young people who come here will feel that they have no energy in their work and usually behave very loosely, let alone a sense of belonging. Minglong Group attaches great importance to party building, party and caucus activities are rich, party members have played a very good leading role, prestige is very high, young people are affected by this atmosphere, political consciousness has improved rapidly, all actively ask to join the party, their own requirements have also been improved, and the centripetal force of the management team with the party committee as the core has also been enhanced, which is very helpful to the development of the enterprise. Minglong has been transformed for more than 10 years since 1998. Except for a manager who left because of self-employment, no middle-level cadre has changed jobs. This is also the most powerful explanation.