Minglong Kibu adds new strength!

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Zhejiang Minglong Base Cloth Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of various industrial mesh fabrics,At present, it has 32 advanced German imported Karl Meier and Liba machines, with an annual output of 0.3 billion square meters of various industrial mesh and an annual sales of 0.21 billion yuan. It is the world's largest mesh supplier. Its products are mainly used in advertising consumables, canopies, building membranes, water leisure products and other fields.

Recently, on the basis of the original 32 units, we have purchased 4 Raschel warp knitting machines from Karl Meier! (WEFTTRONIC/RS3.E18) has added new strength to our base cloth and can increase our annual output by 40 million square meters.