Tongxiang Party Organization Constructs "Five Platforms" to Serve Grassroots People

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"Chairman, according to the plan, our staff travel is scheduled to take place in April, and there is no movement at the end of August. I hope you can give the staff an explanation." The day before yesterday, at the "Chairman and Party Member Representatives Face-to-Face" meeting held by Minglong Company in Tongxiang City, Party Member Representative Zhu Aiping raised a sharp question as soon as he opened his mouth. "During this period of time, the power is tight and the company often stops work. Why don't you take this opportunity to arrange employees to travel?"
"This year's staff tour will be arranged in mid-September." Zhu Jianhua, chairman of Minglong Company, explained that there were a lot of orders in the first half of this year, so there was no spring tour. By July, the weather was getting hotter and employees were prone to heatstroke. Therefore, the board of directors decided to organize employees to travel when the weather was cool. "The travel time has changed, and many employees do not know, which shows that the company has problems in information communication and needs to be improved in the future."
Let party member representatives communicate face-to-face with business owners and provide advice and suggestions for the development of enterprises. This is a microcosm of Tongxiang City's "Discussion Day" and the improvement of the "Party Member Pioneer Day" activities in the new economy and new social organizations. At present, for different levels and types of grassroots party organizations, Tongxiang City has decided to designate the 25th of each month as the city's "Party Member Pioneer Day", and continue to refine the activity methods, and carry out the "Innovation Day" in rural grassroots party organizations. "Activities, build a platform for rural party members to start a business and bring wealth; carry out" Volunteer Day "activities in community party organizations to build a platform for community harmony; carry out" discussion day "activities in the party organizations of new economic and new social organizations to build a platform to promote scientific development; carry out" efficiency day "activities in government party organizations to build a clean and efficient platform; in scientific research, culture, health, sports, education, etc. Carry out" Love Post Day "activities in the grassroots party organizations of the system to build an industry pioneer platform.
"The diversification of service objects and service needs of grass-roots party organizations requires us to build different types of service platforms." Tang Yunliang, member of the Standing Committee of the Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Organization, introduced that through the construction of the "five platforms", the enthusiasm of party members in various fields and industries has been fully stimulated, and the initiative and excellence have been implemented to benefit the broad masses of the people.