Strike for 2019 with Fighting Attitude-December Business Analysis Meeting of the Group

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On January 19, 2019, the group's December business analysis meeting was held in the training center on the first floor. management personnel above the workshop director attended the meeting and president Zhu Jianhua attended the meeting.

First of all, the financial center reports on the completion of various assessment indicators of the group in December and throughout the year. Then, the management center and the supervision team report the completion of relevant work. Subsequently, each branch briefly reported the reasons for not completing the indicators and the plan for the next step.

After listening to the work reports of the heads of the two centers and branches, President Zhu Jianhua put forward the following three requirements for the work in 2019:
1. do a good job in 19 years of new breakthroughs.
2. do a good job in the important work around the Spring Festival.
3. strengthen the company's property care.
If the documents issued in 2019 damage the company's public property during the work, they shall bear corresponding responsibilities.
Let the enterprise continue to maintain a good momentum of development and further promote the healthy growth of Minglong. Adhere to the "two innovation spirit", based on the "three positioning", with the attitude of fighting, full sprint 2019, Minglong, come on!