Minglong Group Won the First Prize of Social Contribution of Tudian Town in 2018

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On the afternoon of February 28, the annual summary commendation and "seven major actions" mobilization meeting of Tudian Town was held ceremoniously. Responsible persons of enterprises on the town's planning and commendation enterprises, all cadres of town organs and undertakings, heads of middle-level and vertical departments of functional stations, and village (community) deputy secretary or above attended the meeting. Shen Huiju, deputy secretary of the town party committee, presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, the advanced collectives of village-level functional work in the town in 2018 and the advanced collectives and individuals of economic work in 2018 were commended. Our company won the first prize of social contribution and the scale of development award and other awards. President Zhu Jianhua and Vice President Guo Fengen took the stage to receive the awards.