Arbor Day Let's Act for Green!

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On March 12, various branches of Minglong Group sent volunteers to Minglong Cultural Park for the tree planting activity of "one more green leaf, one more warmth.The male compatriots picked up the shovel to dig out the tree pit, while the female compatriots took the trees and put them into the pit. Everyone filled and pressed the pit together. The digging of the tree pits one by one and the planting of the trees symbolized a share of green hope.

president zhu jianhua personally planted the saplings and looked forward to the green trees in the coming year.


Through the "one more green leaf, one more warmth" tree planting activity, the volunteers not only enhanced their personal awareness of greening and environmental protection, but also improved their personal quality, achieving the purpose of adding green to the society, purifying and beautifying the environment. This year's Arbor Day, let our green home more beautiful, more harmonious!