Tongxiang Public Security Bureau goes deep into enterprises to carry out "three services" activities

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Over the past few days, Tongxiang public security has taken active actions, deeply practiced the "three services" activities, and used enthusiasm, sincerity and patience to be a good "caring person" of enterprises, the masses, and the grassroots, and effectively enhance the sense of gain of the masses.

18 MarchLu Xiaofeng, deputy secretary of the party committee and political commissar of the Tongxiang Public Security Bureau, led the heads of the political department, traffic police, criminal investigation, public security, and other departments to go deep into the enterprise and the grass-roots level, and came to Minglong for the first stop. At the same time, representatives of enterprises such as Jade Pyle, Xingma, Rongxiang, and Shen Teng were invited to participate in the discussion.

Through the exchange and discussion, the representatives of various enterprises deeply felt the solid measures and firm determination of Tongxiang Public Security Bureau to deepen the work style, rectify and optimize the business environment, and expressed their heartfelt thanks to the public security organs for providing strong service guarantee for the development of enterprises and escorting the economic development of enterprises.

The public security organs also stated that they will persevere in deepening exchanges and cooperation with enterprises and institutions, and jointly contribute to the creation of a safe, harmonious and beautiful new Tongxiang.