The Group Held a Business Analysis Meeting in March

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On March 19, the group held the March business analysis meeting, which was presided over by Hu Yufei, minister of human resources, attended by president Zhu Jianhua, and attended by more than 60 people including workshop team leader and above management personnel and all party members.
President Zhu Jianhua said that the business analysis meeting is a good platform. Only when leaders accept everyone's supervision can they do better for the next work. The core problem of running an enterprise is to do a good job in production and achieve outstanding performance so that the enterprise can do more. In order to achieve this beautiful goal, leaders should set an example and summarize their own shortcomings and areas that need improvement. They must do the following:
1. Responsibility: Leaders should shoulder heavy burdens, manage rigorously and carry out work with measures;
2, production capacity: play the extreme, improve production capacity;
3. Product research and development: develop new products and expand customers;
4, safety: pay attention to safety, in order to better production.