They deal with color.

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There are some people in the big family of Minglong New Material Technology. Their daily life is to deal with colors, interact with colors, and strive to make the color samples that meet our needs, so as to make the products we want. They are the proofing staff of new materials, Fan Lei and Gu Yuli.

Members of the new material proofing team, daily work in addition to color contrast proofing, at the same time they also need to carry out raw material testing.
They work diligently, every time there is a problem in production, the color is not accurate, even late at night will rush to confirm, in case of mistakes, their rigorous work attitude, worthy of praise. The color of our products often needs to be confirmed by customers. It is inevitable that customers are not satisfied. They still take pains to make samples again and again until the customers are satisfied.