Yang Baoming, Minister of Grassroots Work Department of Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, and his party visited Minglong for investigation.

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On the morning of April 19, Yang Baoming, director of the grass-roots work Department of the Provincial Federation of Trade unions, and his entourage came to Minglong to investigate the reform of grass-roots trade unions. Gao Honghui, vice chairman of Jiaxing Federation of Trade unions; Zhou Zhan, vice chairman of Tongxiang Federation of Trade unions; Shen Huiju, deputy secretary of the party committee of Tudian Town and chairman of the Federation of Trade unions, accompanied the investigation, and vice president Guo Fengen.
First of all, I visited the Party Building Cultural Center and the Staff Cultural and Sports Center. During the visit, I had a simple exchange and understanding on enterprise development, enterprise culture, and enterprise trade union work.
At the subsequent symposium, Guo Fengen, chairman and vice president of the trade union, gave a brief report to the research team on the construction of the group's trade union work in recent years and the construction of the "three governance integration.