The 10th Staff Group Games ended successfully

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On the day of 5.4 Youth Day, the 10th employee group sports meeting of the group was held as scheduled. The theme of this sports meeting is "unity and hard work, surpassing ourselves. Chen Weihong, chairman of the Tongxiang City Federation of Trade Unions, and Shen Huiju, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Tudian Town, were specially invited to attend the Games.

The Games were a complete success. Team A of New Materials won the crown with the best results. Business Minister Jin Tianli took the stage to receive the award and delivered an acceptance speech.
No matter whether you win the championship or not, you are the most beautiful and moving at this moment! Because when you fight, you try your best to look really handsome and beautiful!
I hope that in the future work, I will continue to carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, defying difficulties and fighting tenaciously.