"Ninth military training" under the command of the party can win a good style of work

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On April 30, all the militiamen of Minglong holding group took the bus, accompanied by the militia singing the loud songs of "song of militia", "I am a soldier" and "military song of the Chinese people's Liberation Army". They went to the training base of the Ministry of people's Armed Forces of Tongxiang City to hold the "ninth military training".

At the shooting training range, Li Ning, chief of the military section, explained in detail military knowledge such as shooting methods and shooting essentials, demonstrated basic essentials such as target aiming and horizontal shooting, and emphasized matters needing attention. Lying down, loading bullets, holding guns, aiming, and shooting, everyone was full of energy and focused, strictly in accordance with the requirements of military discipline, ordered and prohibited, and carried out live firing in groups under the unified command of security officers.
This time, the militia personally experienced military training, received national defense education, enhanced the concept of national defense, mastered military skills, and further strengthened their active consciousness and basic quality of caring for national defense, loving national defense, building national defense, and defending national defense. It has played the vanguard and exemplary role of the militia in the enterprise, and laid a solid foundation for future work promotion, teamwork, communication and coordination.