Practicing "Three Services", City Leaders Held Entrepreneur Symposium in Group

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In order to further optimize the development environment of enterprises and boost the sound and rapid development of enterprises. On the afternoon of May 14, Pan Jiachun, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Tongxiang Municipal People's Congress, Ma Weifeng, member of the Party group of the municipal government and Secretary of the Party committee of the Public Security Bureau, led the heads of relevant contact departments and financial institutions such as the ecological environment bureau to carry out the "three services" activities, held face-to-face discussions with entrepreneurs, discussed the high-quality economic development plan, and talked about the construction of Tudian textile and clothing brand town in Tongxiang. The meeting was presided over by Lu Zhongfei, secretary of the Party Committee of Tudian Town.

At the symposium, group president Zhu Jianhua, Xingma Knitting Garment, Jade Pyle Garment, Yadu Group, Youtong New Materials, Shangyuan Industry, European and American Textile, Pengxiang Packaging, Longxin Printing and Dyeing, Jiasheng Furniture, Xingyu Warp 11 representatives of private entrepreneurs expressed their opinions and freely from the aspects of the enterprise's own development and operation, existing problems and difficulties, development opinions and suggestions, etc., reflecting the current situation of the enterprise development. Pan Jiachun, Ma Weifeng and relevant contact departments answered the questions raised by entrepreneurs one by one.
Pan Jiachun, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, said that the overall development trend of Tudian enterprises is good, but there will still be some difficulties in the development process. In this regard, Director Pan stressed: relevant municipal contact departments should strengthen contact and visit enterprises; territorial governments should collect problems at any time and reflect and solve them in a timely manner; and enterprises themselves should also do a good job in risk prevention to deal with future development crises.