New materials rely on autonomous carriers, innovative three-governance integration of new models

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In order to promote the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises, enhance the comprehensive management ability of enterprises, promote the in-depth development of national civilized unit creation activities, and further demonstrate the role of "three governance" in the development of enterprises, new materials rely on autonomous carriers and innovate management models. Every day, workshop directors, team leaders and other relevant personnel form groups to carry out "round tables" to discuss problems found in the production process and propose solutions.On May 27, the new materials workshop organized a "round table meeting" once a day. The meeting was presided over by Fu Jinkui, director of the fitting workshop, and the team leaders of each workshop attended the meeting.

The new material workshop found the problem and immediately organized relevant personnel to carry out a "round table meeting" to discuss and propose solutions in a timely manner, instead of waiting for the leadership to issue instructions, so that the majority of employees can truly participate in the management of the enterprise. Through the implementation of this measure, not only the quality of the products has been improved, the goods have been shipped smoothly, but also the production cost of the company has been reduced and recognized by customers.