Dragon Boat Festival Dumpling Competition

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In order to enrich the lives of employees, improve the atmosphere of the festival, and carry forward the traditional festivals of the Chinese nation, the company specially organized a "Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi" competition. This competition is based on the branch company, with a group of 5 people, and the time limit is 10 minutes. The selection criteria is good and fast. Zhang Jianfang, the party building instructor, is the judge leader of the competition.

The atmosphere at the competition was warm. As the 10-minute timer began, everyone started to pack. At this time, the older predecessors gave us a picture of what "ginger is still old and spicy". I saw their fingers flying up and down. Soon a zongzi was wrapped. The zongzi they wrapped was of the same shape and size, beautiful and did not leak stuffing. Let's take a look at our young friends again. The scene was "miserable and unbearable. However, they also did not admit defeat. They learned the wrapping method from the elderly, and they could immediately wrap up one like a model if they understood it quickly.
After 10 minutes of competition, the head office team won the championship with 39 qualified zongzi. The rest of the team is also good. Friendship first, competition second.
The important thing is that we have learned the technique of making zongzi through this competition, and carried forward the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, so that these cultures can be passed on from generation to generation in our hands.