President Zhu Jianhua Lectures at the Invitation of Drucker's Reading Club

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On the evening of June 9, Zhu Jianhua, secretary of the party Committee and president of the group, was invited by Drucker's reading club to teach the book club class at the training center on the first floor of the group. The theme is "height determines vision, scale grasps life!".
Taking its own reality as a case, it mainly focuses on five aspects.
After the lecture, the book lovers were deeply moved and enthusiastically raised their hands to speak and express their feelings and inspiration. Guo Fengen, vice president of the group, was also invited to talk about his feelings after coming to work in Minglong. Vice President Guo Fengen summed up the feeling of "choice, gratitude" in four words, choosing the right company and the right leadership. I am grateful for the cultivation of Minglong platform and the kindness of the president.