The 98th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party: Do not forget your initiative mind, Keeping in Mind the Mission-Party Committee of the Group and the Party Branch Theme Party Day Activities of China Credit Insurance Jiaxing

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In order to commemorate the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and carry out the theme education of "Do not forget your initiative mind, Keeping in mind the mission", on the afternoon of July 1, Zhu Jianhua, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Group, gave a special micro-party lesson to activists, all Party members and middle-level cadres and above under the theme of "Keeping in mind the mission in Do not forget your initiative mind. The president used his personal experience of party building and corporate culture construction for more than 30 years, from the three aspects of "why private enterprises grasp party building", "how to grasp party building", and "grasp the effect of party building", demonstrated the importance of non-public enterprises to grasp party building. The importance and necessity of party building have united people's hearts, stabilized the team, improved quality, promoted development, and achieved harmony.

Wang Zhongqin, Secretary and Director of the Jiaxing Office of China Credit Insurance, said after listening to the party class: "I am very happy to be together on this special day to celebrate the 98th birthday of the Communist Party of China. The biggest feeling of this activity is that the heart is surging and deeply inspired. The party building co-construction with Minglong Group is a positive attempt to explore the party building work in the new era. It is hoped that through co-construction and sharing, the educational activities of Do not forget your initiative mind and keeping in mind the mission will be promoted, transformed into productive forces, realized the integrated development of the central work, resonated at the same frequency, performed their respective duties, drew concentric circles, and walked hand in the dream."