Minglong volunteer activities-beautify the environment

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On July 3, Minglong volunteer group marched to the nearby community on foot to beautify the environment by carrying out "garbage picking" activities. They carefully look for the garbage everywhere to prevent the corners from missing, and make the environment better with their own hands. Everyone is full of enthusiasm and has contributed his part to the society. This activity is conducive to cultivating everyone's awareness of environmental care, and also makes everyone pay more attention to garbage classification. 

Minglong has always adhered to the concept of "people-oriented, friendly to others", and organizes some public welfare activities from time to time, and Minglong volunteers serve the society. Not only that, we can also make some contributions to society through some global public welfare activities, such as Earth Day, turning off the lights for an hour, and so on. The actions of the Ming Long volunteers make the environment better and the nature more beautiful! Let us join hands, for our society, for our enterprises to add some green, do more environmental protection!