Speak for safety! Minglong Staff Traffic Safety Propaganda Group Established

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Safety education is one of the most direct and effective measures to reduce accidents, in order to create a good atmosphere in which everyone stresses safety and everyone is safe. On July 13, the company decided to set up a staff traffic safety propaganda group. The meeting also invited Captain Yang of Tudian Squadron of Tongxiang Traffic Police Brigade to give traffic safety warning education to employees. The participants were 78 members of the propaganda group.

Captain Yang cited painful cases in daily life, combined with his own insights, and advocated that the majority of employees strictly abide by traffic laws, consciously abandon uncivilized driving habits, and strive to be civilized traffic participants.
It also describes the importance of a harmonious and civilized traffic order to a city, and calls on the majority of cadres and employees to take the lead and spread the positive energy of traffic.
After the preaching, the employees expressed that they had been well inspired in this preaching activity that is very close to real life. They said that through this preaching activity, they have strengthened their awareness of travel and traffic safety. In their daily life in the future, Not only must they abide by the law, but they will also urge themselves and others to develop good habits of abiding by the law.