Ming Long Craftsman, Jingren Zhao Huaiping's Jingren Homework ~

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The warping is the first process of warp knitting and weaving. The quality of warping is directly related to the normal operation of the weaving process and has a great impact on the quality of cloth. It depends on a pair of skillful hands to "beat the world". The super-high skills of technicians are magical in many fields, and they can often "beat the crowd" and even beat contemporary high-tech equipment. A skilled front-line staff is also a large amount of "wealth" of the enterprise ".

Zhao Huaiping entered the factory in 2012. Over the past seven years, she has studied assiduously in her work. She knows the performance and specifications of raw material silk like the back of her hand. In terms of personal technology, she strictly requires herself to strive for perfection. She has been among the best in several workshop competitions.

As a team leader, Zhao Huaiping usually works hard. Colleagues often ask her for advice when they encounter something they don't know at work. She always teaches them her skills and experience without reservation. When teaching skills, Zhao Huaiping will personally Do a demonstration and show her "one move, one style" to the "apprentices".