The 86th Lecture Hall-August Production and Operation Analysis Meeting

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In order to keep abreast of the monthly production, operation, management and other substantive work of each branch, the group held an August production and operation analysis meeting in the training center on the first floor on September 17.

Zhu Jianhua, secretary of the party committee and president of the group, emphasized the "two creative spirits" in this analysis meeting ".

The "two innovations" are the same and the law should be put in the most important position.

Management innovation: Although we are a traditional manufacturing industry, our management cannot be traditional. We must have management innovation, lead a good team, rely on the strength of the team, and grasp management innovation.

Product innovation: to innovate, do a good job of technical research, improve the machine and formula, with the lowest cost, to create the highest value.

I believe our team will put a perfect end to 2019 in the next three and a half months.