Retirement does not fade, retirement does not fade-Minglong veterans present the 70th birthday of the motherland

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Minglong company has more than ten veterans, distributed in the company's production management line. They changed their posts without changing their aspirations. Relying on the steel and iron bones and excellent qualities trained in the army, they took root at the grassroots level, dedicated, dedicated, hardworking, and enterprising in their respective positions, and made positive contributions to promoting the healthy development of Minglong.

When it comes to them, many workers will praise them with deep feeling: people who have been soldiers are just different!

On September 21, the company organized a special event for all veterans and militiamen to present the 70th birthday of the motherland.

In the hazy drizzle, they formed a neat square team with tall and straight posture and firm eyes, as if they had returned to the precious and unforgettable years of being in the army, and the activity also began.