8 Years of Experience Sharing: Zhou Lijun, General Manager of Warp Knitting, Talking about Sales Skills and Market Development

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In order to improve the overall skill level of the group's business personnel and better complete the various assessment indicators issued by the group at the beginning of the year, on the afternoon of October 10, Zhou Lijun, general manager of the warp knitting company, gave a business training to all the group's business personnel on the topic of "Talking about Sales Skills and Market Development. Based on his eight years of "Anti-Japanese War" experience in the sales field, Zhou Lijun shared the energy of sales, talking about sales, talking about market development and sharing the growth process.

President Zhu Jianhua expressed his appreciation for Zhou Lijun's eight-year sales experience. I believe that all business personnel can learn valuable experience from it and use the knowledge they have learned for themselves. The Sino-US trade war has brought unprecedented difficulties to enterprises. The key lies in how to deal with and overcome them, so as to survive and promote development in the face of difficulties,