The Fourth Most Beautiful Dragon Man-Liu Jinsheng

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   Liu Jinsheng joined Minglong New Materials Company in 2010 and served as the monitor of the calendering workshop in 2014. Although he has only a junior high school education, he is steadfast and willing to work, but he is "a good hand" in operating the calendering machine ". With integrity and a serious and responsible working attitude, he will become a probationary party member in 2019.

In the past ten years of calendering work, monitor Liu has always kept in mind the words that the master once said to him, "calendering, three-point technology, seven-point cooperation". Of course, excellent technical skills are necessary, but calendering is an assembly line work, and the cooperation of various positions is particularly important.
He also explained this sentence with actions. Compared with other teams and groups, the output of his production line is about 5% higher, and the quality problem is half less than that of other teams and groups. In the past two years, there has been no safety accident. These are attributed to his on-site management and team staff tacit cooperation.
When asked how monitor Liu treats his daily work, he told us: don't do things too small. Only when you do the best of small things can you do bigger things. Perseverance, based on their own duties, in anything, do a little more than others. In work and life, we should dare to try, innovate and break through.
It is this spirit of Minglong people that in Liu Jinsheng or such a group of "the most beautiful Minglong people", what we see is the bright hope and bright future of Minglong Company!