New materials company to participate in the Russian international advertising exhibition

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2019.10.21-10.24 Group New Materials Company participated in the Russian International Advertising Exhibition. The exhibition was led by two group vice presidents. In addition to conventional varieties, the exhibited products also brought more than 10 newly developed tarpaulins. Products have made sufficient preparations for this exhibition.
Reklama is the largest international advertising exhibition in Russia and the CIS. This exhibition has been held for 26 years and is an excellent display platform for all kinds of innovative advertising products and services. The exhibition area of the Reklama is 13000 square meters, more than 168 companies participated in the exhibition, and more than 13000 people visited the exhibition.
91% of them are industry professionals, and more than 50% of the audience are from various regions of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries; 10% are from other countries, and most of them are executives and decision-makers from companies. It is an exhibition with a very high gold content.