Ten years of work as a day becomes a kind of practice-Zhang Sanlin

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     Zhang Sanlin, male, from Tongxiang, Zhejiang, is 56 years old. He entered Minglong Company in 1994 as the workshop director of Qinxing Brick and Tile Factory. He entered New Materials Company in 2016 and is currently a mechanic of Xinminglong Technology Co., Ltd.
In the early days of the establishment of Xinminglong factory, master Zhang has been following the installation of calendering line dutifully. in order to quickly master the maintenance methods of the equipment in the future, he modestly learned from the installers of the equipment factory. Calendering is an assembly line operation, and the maintenance process is complicated, which can be said to be a millimetre difference, which will affect the smooth operation of the equipment and threaten the production. Master Zhang, who is already old, with excellent maintenance technology, has changed from unfamiliar to familiar with the equipment, and mastered the performance and use methods of the new equipment as quickly as possible. He also carefully passed on the experience he summarized to new employees. It played a very critical role in ensuring the normal production of the company.
Minglong has so many employees like Master Zhang. They tell us with their own experience that if you want to make extraordinary work in ordinary work, you must have the heart to become a craftsman, love your job, study with great concentration, and do your work well., To the extreme.
Whether it is an ordinary electrician or an ordinary mechanic, as long as he has the "craftsman spirit" of "precision" and "specialization", it is like artificially giving him some kind of invisible halo, which can always bring the people around him. An invisible infection and strength make people unconsciously look at him.