The 4th Most Beautiful Dragon Man-Yu Meiling

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Yu Meiling, a native of Meitan, Guizhou, joined Xinminglong Warp Knitting Company in 2015. From scratch, she has mastered the technology of blocking the car in only two months with a very strong sense of ambition and responsibility. Due to his outstanding work performance, he was promoted to a mobile worker and inspector by the workshop. He worked hard and conscientiously in his new post, and became the backbone of the weaving workshop with superb technology.
Bstop the car is a point, maneuver is a surface. As a mobile worker, he should not only have the skills of blocking the car and wearing yarn, assist the blocking worker to block the car when he has spare capacity, and wear yarn when changing the pan head. He should also inspect the quality of gray cloth in the workshop at least once a day, use flashlight to observe whether there are needle strips, wool and other problems in the gray cloth, and deal with any abnormal situation in time.
In the eyes of her colleagues, she is kind to others, open-minded and studious. After busy work, she will help other types of work to do what she can, and never care about the internal and external. She took the initiative to ask the old staff for advice and learning. When she was a beginner of yarn-wearing technology, she often stood by and observed how others operated. When she was taught by the master, she took the initiative to ask for a try... She knew that as a front-line operator, only through more practice could she master the technology skillfully.
In the eyes of the leader, she has the ability, responsibility and ideas. She has developed a pair of golden eyes in the process of inspection. Small quality problems can be found by her. The strict control of the quality of gray cloth has played a good role in the team. In her work, she can often find problems in workshop management and give opinions and suggestions to the workshop. The various processes in the workshop are interlocked and influence each other. In the past, a yarn with elasticity and a non-warp head often encountered the situation of yarn sticking together, which easily caused problems such as misplacement and reverse order of yarn threading. The yarn threading workers could only solve the problem by manual selection. As a result, the yarn threading speed of a head could be extended from the original normal 2 minutes to half an hour, which brought troubles to the yarn threading work, the production efficiency of the workshop is seriously affected. After careful consideration, Yu Meiling suggested to the workshop that warping workers should use sticky yarn boards when sticking pan heads. After the workshop adopted and practiced, it was found that the sticking together of warp pan heads was obviously improved.
She kept in mind "not to cause trouble to others", kept asking herself, and assiduously studied warp knitting skills. Even if it was just day-to-day yarn wearing and inspection, she should treat it with an attitude of excellence, and truly achieved a line of work, love One line, learn a line, drill a line, and master a line.