"Three Governance Integration" Excellent Case Challenge Competition (Preliminary Competition) Group Case Successfully Promoted

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As the birthplace of the national "three governance", Tongxiang experience was written into the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and was defined as the essence of the "Fengqiao Experience" in the new era and the development direction of grassroots social governance innovation in the new era. Yesterday morning, the group participated in the Tongxiang City "Three Governance Integration" Excellent Case Contest (preliminary contest), and used actual cases to tell how to integrate the "Three Governance" into the enterprise and successfully advance.

1. to promote self-management by autonomy and enhance the self-development ability of employees

    1. Party-mass contact network-party building leading service strong.
    2. Minglong Lecture Hall-Gathering the Strength of Thousands of People.
    3. Workshop round table-embarking on a new round of reform.
2. the rule of law to promote norms, improve the ability of enterprises to prevent risks
Core: Prison three off
3. the rule of virtue to promote people's livelihood, enhance the sense of belonging of employees.
Core: One Selection, Six Measures, Ten Years of Adherence

The leadership of Party building and the integration of the three governance have enabled Minglong to plug in the wings of development. The new third board has been listed, breaking through the scale of one billion yuan. We are still developing under the economic difficulties.