Home is the smallest country, and the country is a million families-loyalty, filial piety, benevolence, moral character, diligence, thrift, cultivation, reading, and family style

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Home is the smallest country, and the country is tens of millions. Home is the harbor, home is the destination, when the wind and rain come, you need to avoid danger, you need to taste the bitter and sweet, run a good family, inherit a good family style, set an example for your children, be filial to your parents, and create a harmonious and beautiful home.
In Minglong's big family, there are many loving families. They are a pair of ordinary workers' families, but they interpret the true meaning of career, life and family with their unusual life experiences, leaving us with the true feelings and feelings of "relying on each other for a lifetime and knowing each other for a lifetime.
Zhu Dezhong, formerly the general manager of Qinxing Brick and Tile Factory, was transferred to the head office as assistant to the president in 2016. Speaking of their family, it has always been synonymous with happiness. After get off work, the couple have sex for their children. After dinner, the full-time driver who is the wife takes her to dance. During the decades of marriage with Aunt Jianping, the couple respects each other, respects their parents, loves their children, treats others with leniency, governs the family by virtue, educates excellent children, and makes the neighbors envy.
Zhu Zhongming joined Minglong Company in 2004. He has worked hard for more than ten years and is a person with a high sense of responsibility for work and life. As the head of the family, he pays more patience and responsibility. Every time his wife works late, he will wait for her to open the door for her after work. Due to his wife's working hours, he undertakes the work of cleaning the house, while his wife is responsible for breakfast every day. Zhu Zhongming will take his wife to and from work on rainy days. It is such a simple "little beauty" to make their family harmonious and happy.
Chen Weiqin's family is a happy family of seven. Like most families, it is very ordinary. The family respects and loves each other, has a harmonious relationship with the neighbors, and helps each other in trouble. Her husband worked in the service area and was not home all the year round. Chen Weiqin alone shouldered the heavy burden of taking care of the elderly and raising children. Because of her old age, the grandmother in her nineties did not worry about her parents-in-law. She took good care of her daily life, washing her face, wiping her body and cutting her nails. With ordinary things, little feelings will be brought together into a family full of warmth and happiness harbor.
Zhang Hongkun is a native of Yucheng County, Henan Province. Everyone's impression of him is that he is easy-going, leads by example in his work, and loves his job. With his wife and younger brother Zhang Hongqing and his wife, they work in Kibu Company. After leaving their hometown, they take the factory as their home. They support each other in work, rely on each other emotionally and be considerate of each other in life. A good family style and a harmonious family environment infect the children. The son is disciplined and caring, and his performance in school is also outstanding. They use their diligence, simplicity and tolerance to guard the most real happiness.

If thousands of small families are harmonious and happy, then this society and country will rise a strong spiritual power.

As President Xi Jinping said, no matter how much the times change, no matter how much the pattern of life changes, we must attach importance to family building, family, family education, and family style, closely integrate the cultivation and promotion of socialist core values, and carry forward the Chinese nation. Traditional family virtues, promote family harmony, promote the love of relatives, promote the healthy growth of the next generation, and promote the elderly to have a sense of security, to make thousands of families become an important basis for national development, national progress and social harmony.