Filial piety comes first-Filial piety is the foundation of virtue. Good children and daughter-in-law in Minglong family

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     "Good Child" Zhu Dandan joined the company in 2008 and is currently the assistant to the chief financial officer. In the eyes of her parents, she is a careful and filial daughter. She will send holiday gifts and blessings to her parents every holiday and care about their daily lives.

"Good child" Bao Fengliang joined the company in 2011. Now he is a forklift worker in the warp knitting company. In his life, he takes care of his father-in-law and mother-in-law in every possible way. He is a typical model child.
"Good Child" Jin Yaofei entered the company in 2011. Now he is a foreign trade salesman in the warp knitting company. His mother is sick all the year round. He always takes care of his mother and the famous filial son among his colleagues after he is busy in front of the hospital bed.
Jin Jianqiang, a "good child", joined the company in 2005. Now he works as a foreign trade salesman in the warp knitting company. In the face of his father-in-law who is in poor health, he has no regrets and no regrets. He has taken on the heavy responsibility of the family and strives to make the elderly have a happy old age.
"Good Child" Yue Ruqing entered the company in 2014. Now he is a warehouse keeper in the New Materials Company. In his life, he cares about his parents and takes care of the elderly's food, clothing, housing and transportation carefully.
"Good daughter-in-law" Zhu Xiaoping, who joined the company in 2006, is currently the Deputy Minister of Finance. In the eyes of her colleagues, she is a person with affinity. In the eyes of her mother-in-law, she is a competent daughter-in-law, and she likes it even more than her own son. Can do this step can fully reflect the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.
"Good daughter-in-law" Wang Jie, who entered the company in 2013, is currently the assistant director of the warp knitting company's business department. She is serious and responsible in her work and is a competent employee. In life, caring for parents, taking care of children, sharing housework for her mother-in-law, and creating a happy family with her own actions and efforts.
"Good daughter-in-law" Fang Lijuan entered the company in 2010. Now Kibu Branch is a car blocker. No matter the change of time, her mother-in-law cannot change her heart of respecting and filial piety. It is her most sincere wish as a daughter-in-law to let the elderly enjoy their old age.
"Good daughter-in-law" Zhang Jinghua entered the company in 2014. Now she is a foreign trade salesman in the New Materials Company. She respects her parents-in-law and unites her neighbors. She is a good daughter-in-law praised by everyone. She carries the heavy burden with her weak and solid shoulders.