The coolest sport in the world is not drying abs, but picking up garbage!

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Recently, there is a kind of movement suddenly popular in foreign social networks,

Even by many netizens called "the coolest and most fashionable way of fitness".

It's the Plogging of fire abroad!


This is a combination of "jogging" and "picking up. He encourages people to pick up the garbage around them when jogging/walking, which not only achieves the purpose of fitness, but also conveys the concept of environmental protection.

Today, Minglong volunteers took advantage of their lunch break to carry out a "scavenging record".

They are full of enthusiasm, picking up garbage while walking, not letting go of the corners, hoping to increase everyone's attention to environmental protection through their meager strength, so that we can live in a civilized environment where man and nature develop harmoniously.

As a member of the group's "safety propaganda group", Minglong volunteers also actively participate in civilized traffic service activities and actively cooperate with the traffic police in the area to carry out order inspection and rectification.

Minglong has always adhered to the concept of "people-oriented, friendly to others", and holds some public welfare activities from time to time. We hope that through the small activity of volunteers, we can fulfill our responsibilities and obligations as citizens!