Summing up the past and looking forward to the future, the management center holds an annual summary meeting

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On the morning of the 24th, the Group Management Center held an annual summary meeting. The agenda of the meeting mainly includes:
1. Summarize one year's work;
2. Analysis of existing problems;
3, clear 2020 work ideas.
The Administration Department, the President's Office, the Human Resources Department and the Party-Mass Office respectively made detailed reports on the work of this year, the existing problems and the 2020 plan.
In 2019, the management center will closely focus on the group's various assessment indicators. In addition to doing a good job in the main line work of the Human Resources Department, the President's Office, the Administration Department, and the Party-Mass Office, it will actively and effectively supervise, manage and serve internally, and do a good job in public relations and coordination externally. It will fully assist each branch company in various tasks. Through the efforts of all the staff in the management center, it has achieved good results and was named the "Best Team" 2019 ".
As the central nervous system of the enterprise and for the better development of the group, vice president Guo fengen has made detailed arrangements for the 2020 work plan, which is mainly divided into the following five points:
1. focus on the various work requirements and task indicators issued by the president, give full play to the functions of "management, supervision, and service", strictly implement them, and focus on results;
2. increase human development, comprehensively improve the ability of employees, management, technology, and sales personnel, adopt various forms of development, carry out training on different topics, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality of the team;
3. carry out the informatization construction of the group, use effective tools to further improve the data, discover, analyze and solve problems through the data, and enhance the soft power of group management.
4. do a good job in the creation work, vigorously promote, make overall arrangements, and scientifically plan, and integrate daily work together to create and promote work improvement.
5. actively carry out corporate culture and party building work, innovate activities, deepen and refine cultural connotations, and enhance employees' sense of identity, sense of gain, and sense of honor.