With the attitude of strivers, meet the new challenges of 2020!

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On the morning of the 28th, the group held the 2019 annual summary and signing conference, attended by more than 500 frontline employees, workshop team leaders and above and all administrative personnel.
2019 is a busy and happy year. Although the group has experienced the baptism and test of the US trade war and the global financial crisis, we have seized the opportunity and resolutely bucked the trend under the challenges of the crisis and difficulties.

In 2019, around the "13 new breakthroughs", all branches and functional departments adhered to the "two innovation spirit" and based on the "three positioning", and achieved gratifying results. The group achieved sales 1.35 billion, up 12% year-on-year, and foreign trade sales of 60 million billion US dollars, up 21% year-on-year.

In terms of unit establishment, Warp Editor successfully declared a national high-tech enterprise, and the group was awarded a well-known firm in Zhejiang Province, a model collective in Zhejiang Province, and an advanced enterprise in Zhejiang Province to create harmonious labor relations and double love activities.
Achievements have become yesterday, and today we must stand at a new starting point, with high standards and strict requirements, and we must conscientiously sum up and find gaps. We must advance in learning and improve in reflection. Only by constantly summarizing can we make continuous progress.
At the end of the meeting, President Zhu Jianhua concluded:
2020 is a critical year for the development of the enterprise. The directors of all branches and departments should carefully check the objectives and put the measures in place to ensure the smooth completion of the assessment objectives.
1. focus on the management team building.
1. Improve the ideological and moral quality of managers;
2. Enhance the sense of responsibility and responsibility of managers;
3. Improve the organizational and coordination capabilities of managers;
4. Improve the communication ability of managers.
2. focus on marketing team building.
1, attach great importance to ideological, around the "six points", pay close attention to the goal does not relax;
2. Formulate a scientific and reasonable system to stimulate passion;
3, pay attention to recruitment selection and training.
3. focus on R & D team building.
1. attach great importance to ideology;
2. Scientific and reasonable staffing;
3, strict requirements on the system.
4. focus on the construction of the workforce.
Create a safe and stable working environment;
2. attach great importance to it ideologically;
3. Work hard on execution.
In the new year, we Minglong people: first, we should change our thinking and take "user first, centering on user needs, innovation and creating value results" as the starting point and foothold of all work; second, we should always maintain the fighting spirit, struggle spirit, enterprising spirit and high morale of "pursuing excellence and always striving for the first", and constantly challenge higher goals; third, we should create "taking things as the center, simple, transparent and open" communication atmosphere to ensure the efficient operation of the organization. May all Minglong people inherit and carry forward the party building culture and corporate culture, carry forward the positive energy of upward and good, focus on the strategic goal, start the inner dream engine, the same dream, the same goal, unite as one, strive with all one heart, innovate and create, and realize the great mission of "let the world understand Minglong and let Minglong go to the world!