"Epidemic" situation The current epidemic prevention and fire prevention go hand in hand.

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At present, when the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of the critical period, Minglong company also gradually resumed work and production, the resumption of work and production at the beginning of the return to work less people plus shift production, is a high incidence of production safety accidents.

In order to eliminate and prevent the potential safety hazards around the Group in a timely manner and ensure the safety of all cadres and workers, the Group will further coordinate and orderly grasp the overall work of epidemic prevention and control of the Company to ensure the safe and orderly conduct of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work. On February 12, Shen Zhouhu, assistant to the president, led the team and accompanied by relevant responsible persons, carried out a comprehensive fire safety self-inspection and self-inspection work on the branches that had been approved to resume work.


The inspection before the resumption of work is mainly aimed at fire-fighting facilities, electrical lines, alarm facilities and fire-fighting channels to ensure that fire-fighting facilities are in good condition and there are no dangerous situations such as aging of electrical lines. At the same time, the storage and use of epidemic prevention and disinfection materials such as alcohol and disinfectant were checked.

At the same time, strengthen fire safety publicity, use LED display frequency rolling broadcast safety tips to improve staff fire safety awareness, so that epidemic prevention and fire prevention go hand in hand.


On the morning of February 14, head Shen Yuqing of Tudian's full-time fire brigade and Shen Hao of the town's safety supervision station led a team to investigate the hidden dangers of the group's resumed branch, inspected the preparatory isolation observation points where employees who will return to tung will live, and conducted on-site training for the members of the micro fire station.