Go all out to fight the epidemic, resume work and resume production without delay.

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In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic and the resumption of work and production, so that the prevention and control of the epidemic and production and operation of the two are not wrong, Minglong Group resolutely implement the prevention and control policies of superiors, and go all out to do a good job in the preparation of employees before returning to work. Minglong Group has prepared epidemic prevention tools such as masks, alcohol and hand sanitizer for employees. Posters of epidemic prevention knowledge are posted on all floors, and office, workshop and public areas are disinfected many times a day. Prevention and control work is in place to ensure the health and production safety of employees.

At the same time, in view of the current severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, in a comprehensive understanding of the current health situation of employees outside the city and the itinerary during the Spring Festival, to determine the list of employees who can return to Tong, time, mode and route, the implementation of the batch return system. In principle, employees from outside the city will not return to Tong through public transportation. They will try their best to adopt centralized car charter, carpooling, self-driving, etc. to organize employees to return in a unified and orderly manner by region and time period. According to the relevant procedures and requirements of Tongxiang rework, employees in key epidemic areas are not allowed to rework, while employees in non-key epidemic areas are allowed to rework. According to the requirements of superior documents, they need to apply for "Tongxing Code" in advance before returning to Tongxiang.
After the employees return to tung, the company leaders will first take them to the health center for basic examinations such as body temperature measurement and filming. all the examination expenses will be borne by the company. only when the examination results are healthy can they be taken to the isolation point of the enterprise for isolation observation.
The group will be "people-oriented, friendly to others" spirit of enterprise throughout the epidemic prevention and control work has always been, the health and safety of employees in the first place, early preparation, early investigation, strict prevention and control, reflecting an enterprise's responsibility to society, care for employees, with full preparation and practical measures to ensure that the epidemic prevention and resumption of work is not wrong. I believe that the sun can eventually dispel the smog, and we will be able to hold the line of defense of health and safety and win this national war "epidemic".