Chairman of Tongkun Group Visits Minglong for Inspection and Exchange

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Affected by the epidemic, the government issued relevant policies to reduce the burden on enterprises, and in terms of self-help, the textile industry upstream and downstream enterprises and how to overcome the difficulties?

On March 21, Chen Shiliang, chairman of Tongkun Group, and his party visited Minglong for inspection and exchange, accompanied by Zhu Jianhua, president of the Group.

The two sides each introduced the current situation of enterprises affected by the epidemic, reviewed the cooperation in previous years, communicated in depth, and focused on in-depth discussions on the next step of cooperation and development plan.

President Zhu Jianhua said: The resumption of work and production is a systematic project that requires the linkage of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain. As a leading polyester filament manufacturing enterprise in China, Tongkun Group is also an upstream enterprise of Minglong Group. It is very important for both parties to strengthen the close relationship between upstream and downstream. At the same time, the two sides should also increase the communication between the supply chain, so that the upstream and downstream can better promote the development.

Chen Shiliang, chairman of Tongkun Group, also said: through the epidemic, it is more important to strengthen cooperation and mutual support between upstream and downstream enterprises, to focus on development, to maintain a healthy market supply. Realize resource sharing, carry out all-round, deep-seated and multi-form close cooperation, and achieve win-win results.

During the talks, many cooperation intentions were reached, and both sides indicated that they would give full play to their respective advantages and make concerted efforts to achieve win-win results on the basis of the original cooperation.