The group carried out the theme education activity of "walking into Minglong, understanding Minglong, taking root in Minglong and dedicating Minglong"

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In order to build a century-old enterprise, further sublimate the connotation of cultural Minglong, and enhance employees' sense of belonging and identity with corporate culture, the group has carried out the theme education activity of "walking into Minglong, understanding Minglong, rooting Minglong and dedicating Minglong. In combination with the company's work plan for creating a national civilized unit, the group attached great importance to it, made careful arrangements and made unified arrangements, and organized all Minglong people to carry out thematic education activities in seven batches in mid-to-late March. On March 20 and 21, the group organized two groups of employees with a total of more than 200 people to participate in the activity.
Activity flow
1, theme education and cultural propaganda, tell the story of Minglong;
2. Watch the propaganda films "Ming Long Yin" and "Ming Long Grows under the Party Flag;
3. Visit the Group's three major centers and Minglong Cultural Park.
With the theme of "deepening the creation of civilization and building a century old Minglong", Guo Fengen, vice president of the group, guided employees to strengthen their deep understanding of the core values of "one heart, one creation and one sharing", deepen their understanding of the cultural connotation of corporate culture and party building, and combine the group's work of creating a national civilized unit, Inspire all cadres and employees to do their job well, forge ahead, dare to innovate and shoulder heavy responsibilities.
In recent years, Minglong Group has taken the construction of employee cultural positions as an important measure to strengthen the construction of employee ideological quality, improve employee quality and promote enterprise development. In the construction of cultural positions, in order to enhance the sense of belonging of employees, the company vigorously promotes the construction of employee bookstores, party building cultural centers, product display centers and Minglong Cultural Park. With the cultural position as the carrier, guide employees to establish correct ideals and integrate enterprise development, with a strong cultural atmosphere, enhance employees' civilized literacy, and stimulate employees' enthusiasm for work.