Minglong Management Group Won the First Prize of Social Contribution in Tudian Town

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On the afternoon of April 21, Tudian Town held the 2020 comprehensive work conference to commend the advanced, deploy the key work in the next stage, and mobilize the whole town to strive to realize the economic and social development of the whole town to a new level. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Jian, deputy secretary of the town party committee. All team members, middle-level cadres, heads of functional stations, main leaders of villages (communities), heads of enterprises on the town's regulations and representatives of commended enterprises attended the meeting. Group Party Secretary and President Zhu Jianhua attended the meeting.

In 2019, the whole town closely focused on the construction of the "Seven Major Actions" and the "Four Tongxiang", pioneering, pragmatic and innovative, in all aspects of urban construction, rural revitalization, ecological environmental protection, social undertakings, social governance and party building, All have achieved good development. The advanced units that have made contributions were commended, and the group won the "2019 First Prize for Social Contribution" in Tudian Town"

At the meeting, Party Secretary and President Zhu Jianhua took the stage to make a statement on the resumption of work and production from four aspects:

1. get a clear understanding of the situation, unify our thinking, and mobilize all positive factors;

2020 is a special era, at the beginning of the new year, the new crown epidemic swept across the country, on February 9 held a group preparatory meeting to resume work, issued a new crown pneumonia prevention and control work plan and program rules, comprehensive deployment, in the scientific prevention and control of the epidemic at the same time, comprehensively promote the resumption of work and production. On February 10, it passed the approval for resumption of work and was the first approved enterprise in Tongxiang City. On March 12, we held a mobilization meeting on "fighting the epidemic, building confidence and strong development", and by the end of February, the company's resumption rate had reached 95 percent, the resumption rate basically reached 100 percent, and the volume of orders in the first quarter increased by 10 percent year-on-year compared with last year.

2. take the initiative to attack, seize the market, and create new glory in Minglong;

In the face of the serious impact of the epidemic on the company, what should Ming Long do? In a word, sailing against the current, not advancing or retreating. If we want to look for opportunities in crises and seize opportunities in crises, we must take the initiative to attack, seize the market, and strive for all opportunities and resources that can be obtained. For this reason, we sent two general managers of New Materials and New Minglong to the south for a 7-day return visit to our customers at the beginning of this month, which achieved certain results.

3. strengthen management, practice internal skills, and fully tap internal potential;

The new crown epidemic has brought many challenges to the company's development, but we are still full of confidence, because confidence is more important than gold, living is more important than making money. We always firmly believe that the road of development can not be smooth sailing, full of twists and turns and challenges, the more in a special environment, in order to reflect the overall strength and management level of a company. We have introduced a series of measures and methods to practice internal skills and reduce costs to seek benefits from management. As long as we insist on never giving up, have confidence, determination, and strive to be ourselves, the strength of the team is infinite.

4. unity and cooperation, give full play to the advantages, highlight the Ming Long corporate culture and party building cultural characteristics.

In the course of decades of development, Minglong has built an excellent management team and trained a team of party members and staff that can be drawn, rushed and won. In this process, there are always two red lines-corporate culture and party building work.

At the first quarter production and operation analysis meeting, I made a mobilization speech to "recognize the situation, raise awareness, unify thinking, and tide over difficulties together,

We conducted 15 minutes of party members' electronic education for all party members and managers, produced by the Organization Department of the Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee, "The Current Party Members of the Epidemic Come Forward", and produced by the Organization Department of the Central Committee, "Ordinary as you are warm as light" and other three video videos from the front line of the epidemic;

On the 14th of this month, two heroes Zhong Yue and Shao Zhonghua from Tongxiang First People's Hospital, which are paired by the group's party building, were invited to preach heroic stories and actively transmit positive energy.This epidemic has once again proved the strong ruling ability of the Communist Party, provided a strong political guarantee for winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control, and further reflected the responsibility and responsibility of cadres and Party members, giving full play to the backbone of Party members and cadres in charging forward and epidemic prevention and control.