Minglong Party Building | Carry out Voluntary Labor and Show Party Members' Elegance with Actions

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On the afternoon of May 15, in order to create a beautiful and tidy apartment living environment, the Party committee of Minglong group actively organized five Party branches to go deep into the staff dormitory and Minglong apartment to carry out voluntary labor of Party members and further expand the theme education content of Party members. It aims to enhance the party members' sense of service, responsibility and dedication, and improve the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party organization.

This event is a large-scale voluntary labor of party members with the largest scale, the largest number of participants, and the longest activity time since the establishment of the party committee of Minglong Company in 2011. Especially in the current "epidemic" tends to "normal" situation, has a positive practical significance. In order to ensure the orderly development of this event, the Party Committee Office held a special branch secretary meeting before the event. At the meeting, the deputy secretary of the party committee and the instructor made specific arrangements for the purpose, significance, division of labor, requirements and precautions of this event.

The whole activity was led by the division of labor of the branch secretary. Everyone picked up mops, brooms, buckets, some put on protective gloves, and picked up steel balls to clean and rectify the dormitory, apartment floor, corridor, toilet, shower room, kitchen, canopy, corridor handrail and other public health areas. The work lasted for 2 hours before and after. After two hours of work, no one was called dirty or tired. Everyone worked together. Old party members took the lead, and young party members had the courage to do heavy work, which fully demonstrated the enthusiasm and good spirit of all party members and cadres of the group.
In this event, a total of 56 party members, party activists, chief and deputy managers of some branches, and individual ordinary employees participated in voluntary labor. Through everyone's hard work, the sanitary environment of the apartment dormitory has been significantly improved, demonstrating the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, and establishing the glorious image of party members among employees. With their own practical actions, they practice the spirit of "two learning and one doing" of "the foundation is learning, the key is doing. The implementation of "speaking in line and seeing action" into daily life and work further interprets the image of party members and cadres that "a party member is a banner; a branch is a fortress.