Minglong Management, 89th Minglong Lecture Hall-April Business Analysis Meeting

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On the afternoon of May 16, the Group's April production and operation analysis meeting was held in Bailu College of Minglong Cultural Park, with the participation of the above management personnel. The meeting comprehensively analyzed the production and operation of the group in April, studied and judged the current production and operation situation, and defined the focus of the next step.
The meeting kicked off with the loud singing of "Singing the Motherland.
First of all, the financial center will report the completion of the assessment indicators, the management center will report the work, and each branch will briefly report the reasons for the incomplete indicators and the next countermeasures.
Zhu Jianhua, secretary of the party committee and president of the group, stressed that at present, enterprises are facing unprecedented pressure and challenges, and managers should clearly understand the situation, face up to difficulties, overcome sufferings, and focus on the following six aspects of work:
The 1. focuses on the expansion of domestic and foreign trade business, adopts various innovative methods and measures, seizes the opportunity, strives for the initiative, and ensures that it is transferred to normal production in advance.
2. focus on the recovery of funds, due to the impact of the epidemic, the amount of overdue receivables is too high, we should always put the collection work in the top priority.
3. focus on increasing production and saving expenditure. There is still great potential to be tapped in reducing costs. Every general manager must pay attention to it, and procurement must be compared.
Four, focus on team building, four team building work can not be relaxed: 1, management team 2, marketing team 3, research and development team 4, staff team.
5. focus on product quality, every front-line manager should pay attention to product quality, brand, and lay a good foundation for operators.
The 6. focuses on the work of safety in production, and always keeps the alarm bells ringing. The company has more flammable and explosive products. It is necessary to learn lessons and take safety work as one of the main tasks to ensure zero accidents in safe production.