Minglong Management Group's Senior Management Team Went to Hangzhou Special Service Recuperation Center for Physical Examination

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On the morning of May 30, in order to protect the health of the group's senior management personnel, ensure the effective operation of the group, and maximize income, the group's senior management team was specially organized to go to the Air Force Hangzhou Special Service Recuperation Center for physical examination.

Hangzhou Haiqin Sanatorium, founded in 1953, is a recuperation, rehabilitation and physical examination and identification center for senior cadres and special service personnel of the Chinese people's Liberation Army Navy, integrating prevention, medical treatment, rehabilitation and health care. it has strong medical technical force and advanced examination and treatment equipment, mainly to carry out health examination, disease detection, rehabilitation and recuperation services.
As a senior manager of an enterprise, physical health is closely related to the normal operation of the enterprise, and it is also a manifestation of the enterprise's human care. It can improve its sense of belonging and work enthusiasm, and thus improve work efficiency. Secondly, regular examination, understand their health status, timely detection of early lesions. Early detection, early prevention and early treatment are also necessary measures for self-health management.
Only having a healthy body is the fundamental guarantee for a good career, improving the quality of life, and family happiness. I wish everyone good health, success in work and happiness in their families.