Minglong Management | Zhu Jianhua, Party Secretary and President of Minglong Holding Group, Live Review of Canton Fair

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On June 19, Zhu Jianhua, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Minglong Holding Group, visited the live broadcast room of the Canton Fair in person to share eight major issues including webcast, business experience, how to build an excellent team and plans for the next five years.
1. now the way of webcast sales is very hot, what do you think of this way of sales?
There is a saying called: wisdom wins in innovation, innovation wins the future, to be an enterprise is not only to constantly innovate products, but also to innovate sales models. I think webcast sales is a good sales model. We Minglong must keep up with the development of the times and social progress, and take the lead in being innovative practitioners and beneficiaries.
After the 2. epidemic, how is the production and operation of the Group? How do you see the domestic and foreign sales of the home textile market in the future?
This outbreak of the new crown epidemic has swept the world and is indeed a fatal blow to our business, but I think the difficulties are temporary. It is impossible for an enterprise to be smooth sailing. It always advances in waves and spirals. The key is to practice internal skills and have the ability to overcome and overcome difficulties. I believe that after the epidemic, although our home textile industry is a traditional industry, but more than 7 billion people in the world, every family and everyone to use, so there will be an explosive growth.
3., as a practical entrepreneur, you attach great importance to the technology investment and equipment renewal of the enterprise. What are your thoughts on the future development of our enterprise under the current market?
An enterprise should always be in an invincible position in the fierce market competition, and always insist on the renewal of equipment and technological transformation. As long as the world has newly developed the most advanced equipment, we Minglong will definitely update it as soon as possible. Only in this way can we always walk in the forefront of our peers and produce high-quality new products that are welcomed by customers at home and abroad.
Do 4. have any impressive things in the course of entrepreneurship?
Minglong Group Company has gone through 36 years of ups and downs. It has developed from a small weft knitting factory to a group company with six subsidiaries. It is mainly based on Deng Xiaoping's "development is the last word". It is only by unswervingly grasping development, paying close attention to investment and setting one goal after another to achieve it that Minglong is today.
What impressed me most was that at the beginning, we were all farmers who started enterprises, and our culture was not high and we didn't understand English. Our products were only sold in China, but I thought: Our products must be exported abroad one day. In 2004, I set myself a goal and shouted a slogan: Let the world know Minglong and let Minglong go to the world. Through more than ten years of efforts, foreign trade sales started from zero to nearly 70 million US dollars last year, which fully proves that the stage is as big as the heart.
5. share the cultural essence of Minglong Company and how a company should build an excellent management team?
Ten years of enterprises rely on management, and century-old enterprises rely on culture. Minglong has always adhered to the goal of building a century-old enterprise. Therefore, he has always insisted on grasping party building and corporate culture construction, and achieving both material civilization and spiritual civilization. Through decades of practice, we have established a set of corporate culture and party building culture that is very grounded and suitable for the development of our own enterprise, and has been recognized by all employees of the company.
The first is to give full play to the role of the branch as a fighting fortress and the advanced and leading role of party members to influence the people around them, so as to achieve the goal of being backward, super advanced, and more advanced. On the other hand, the use of corporate culture of continuous publicity, so that each employee has a spiritual pursuit. For example: "the stage of entrepreneurship and innovation, the cradle of achievement sharing", "people-oriented, friendly to others", "first-class working environment, first-class welfare treatment", "because of my existence, I want to make people around me happier and happier", "to make every employee have dignity and happy work" and so on, let every employee have a sense of security, gain and happiness. Therefore, the turnover rate of employees in Minglong has been only about 4% for decades, and the turnover rate of middle-level cadres and above has been 0 for decades.
What is the most important factor in the development of 6?
After decades of management, I have deeply realized that people are always the first element. The key to the sustainable and healthy development of an enterprise lies in people. Therefore, I have always made training talents and building an excellent management team the first priority. Grab. Under the premise of improving welfare benefits and rich and colorful cultural life, we should establish a set of employment mechanism to break the convention: ① break the employment mode of family members; ② break the employment mode of regional relations; ③ break the employment mode of preference for men over women; ④ break the employment mode of seniority. To truly achieve virtue and talent, exceptional reuse; virtue and no talent, cultivate and use; talent without virtue, prohibit reuse; no talent without virtue, resolutely do not use. Minglong's today is inseparable from a young management team with both ability and political integrity.
7. is the development plan of Minglong Company in the next five years?
For the development of our Minglong in the next five years, I would like to focus on the three-character policy of "stability, precision, and excellence". One is to develop steadily and increase strength; the other is to make products into high-quality products and improve product quality; The third is to work hard from high-quality service, treat customers as their own food and clothing parents to serve well, so that every customer can rest assured and satisfied is our service tenet.
As an outstanding entrepreneur of the older generation, can 8. give some valuable suggestions to young people who are starting a business and are about to start a business?
Entrepreneurship is very hard, behind the success must be countless failures and sad, must go through the accumulation of time and precipitation. In this process, you will definitely encounter unexpected difficulties and setbacks. Winners choose to persist, and losers choose to give up. To succeed, you must persist, never flinch, and face it bravely to overcome in order to succeed. Confidence is the driving force for success. You must believe that you must do and be able to. The biggest enemy in life is yourself. Success comes from self-confidence. The future is full of infinite impossibilities, and miracles often arise from impossibilities. Have a goal does not necessarily win, no goal must lose.