Minglong Party Building | Promoting Exchange, Strengthening Party Building and Common Development

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On June 27, Yao Juying, secretary of the Party Branch of the Fourth People's Hospital of Tongxiang City, led all members of the General Branch Committee, branch secretaries and members, and Fu Dongwei, secretary of the Party Branch of the Tudian Town Health Center, and his party to visit and study in Minglong Group.

Accompanied by Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the company's party committee and vice president, he visited the Minglong Cultural Park, the Party Building Cultural Center, and the Staff Cultural and Sports Center.
Guo Zong focused on the specific practices and measures of Minglong's characteristic party building activities. Minglong company carries out party building activities in combination with the actual situation of the enterprise, such as the red tour of Party members, the selection of "the most beautiful Minglong people", etc., integrates the party building activities into the daily production and operation activities of the enterprise, and promotes the high-quality development of the enterprise with the guidance of Party building.
A branch, a fortress, a party member and a banner, learn from each other, Do not forget your initiative mind. Minglong company will always adhere to the party building work as the starting point, unite people with the party building culture, enhance the team's combat effectiveness with the party building organization, and make the enterprise development more dynamic.