Minglong Party Building, Party Members' Electrochemical Education Watch 2019 "Top Ten People in China"

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On the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, on the afternoon of June 29, the Party Committee of Minglong Holding Group organized the "Electric Education for Party Members of Minglong Group" in the multi-functional conference room on the second floor of the company, and watched the 2019 excerpt of "Top Ten People in China" and the electronic education film of Tongxiang Party history.
This year is the tenth issue of watching "Moving China's Top Ten People", and watching "Moving China's Top Ten People" once a year has become a major feature of Minglong's party building work. Since 2017, in order to expand the scope of teaching and watch "Top Ten News Figures in China", it has expanded from being limited to all party members and party activists to managers and all administrative personnel above the team leader, with nearly 200 participants. many people shed moving tears at the viewing scene. This time we chose 7 people who are in line with our group's education to watch.
Watching the deeds of the characters who "moved China", the emotions were greatly shocked, the soul was touched from time to time, and the tears of true feelings swirled in the eyes. Some of the winners are for the cause of the country, work selflessly without telling their families, and some pay for their families and others. Persistence in the ordinary has made extraordinary achievements, moved everyone and moved the children of China. Ordinary people are in extraordinary positions, they are silently sticking to a belief, "Love your motherland, love your people." This kind of love in their persistence is not a year, not a moment, but decades like a day, is all the effort, all the love.