Mr. Wang, member of the Party Group and Deputy Chief of the Zhejiang Investigation Team of the National Bureau of Statistics, visited Minglong for investigation.

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On the afternoon of July 16, Wang zong, member of the party group and deputy chief of the Zhejiang investigation team of the national bureau of statistics, and his party were accompanied by Zhang department of Jiaxing investigation team, Zhang team and Jiang team of Tongxiang investigation team, and Chen junying, director of Tudian statistics center, to minglong to carry out the information research on industrial product prices, accompanied by vice president Guo fengen and chief financial officer Zhu linjie.

Under the leadership of Vice President Guo Fengen, Mr. Wang, a member of the party group and deputy captain of the Zhejiang Investigation Corps of the National Bureau of Statistics, visited the group's party building cultural center and watched the company's party building special promotional video. After the visit, Mr. Wang and his party gave the group's party building cultural work. Fully affirmed.

Subsequently, research was carried out in the conference room on the fifth floor. At the research meeting, Chief Financial Officer Zhu Linjie and Deputy Finance Minister Hang Jianying gave detailed introductions on the business development of the enterprise, product production and sales, and pricing methods. The research group listened to the difficulties and problems existing in the enterprises, and actively communicated with the enterprises in combination with the publicity of statistical law, which achieved good results in the stability of investigators and the security and confidentiality of data, and relieved the worries of enterprises. In view of the problems existing in the product price method and index caliber of the enterprise, the on-site guidance is given, and the specific requirements for the investigation work are put forward.