Minglong Management | Minglong was invited to Jiaxing TV Station to interview, talk about enterprises and show the future!

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Under the premise that the domestic epidemic situation is gradually improving, Jiaxing's economic indicators have been improved, the overall development results are remarkable, the city's economy rebounded strongly. Throughout the city's economic operation showed restorative growth and steady recovery. In order to further understand the recovery of production and operation of various enterprises, on the morning of July 26, Jiaxing TV Station entered Minglong Holding Group. Zhu Jianhua, Secretary of the Party committee and President of the group, was invited to conduct an interview, explaining the current production recovery situation of the enterprise and expressing the determination and confidence of the enterprise to promote high-quality development.
     This interview first visited the group's production workshop. President Zhu Jianhua said: This new coronary pneumonia epidemic has caused a huge impact on our enterprises (especially foreign trade exports), can be said to be unprecedented pressure. However, with the help of the state and governments at all levels, a series of policies have been issued to support the production and development of enterprises and stabilize jobs and employment, which has given us entrepreneurs strong confidence and motivation.
On July 21, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over a symposium for entrepreneurs and delivered an important speech, which injected strong confidence and motivation for the majority of market players to overcome difficulties and achieve greater development, and fully affirmed entrepreneurs in the process of promoting the development of the market economy. The role of entrepreneurs and the spirit of struggle and dedication of entrepreneurs.
President Zhu Jianhua said: This entrepreneur symposium fully proves that the general secretary understands what we think, what we are trapped and confused. I believe that with the great attention of the Party Central Committee and General Secretary Xi and the understanding and support of governments at all levels, we will be more determined, confident, overcome difficulties, and overcome difficulties. I believe that we will be able to move towards a more brilliant future.