Minglong Management, "Eliminating Hidden Accidents and Building a Secure Defense Line" Group Launched Safety and Health Inspection

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In accordance with the requirements and overall deployment of the group's 2020 "safe production month" activity, focusing on strengthening safe production and special rectification, investigation and rectification work under the normal conditions of epidemic prevention and control, and closely focusing on the theme of "eliminating hidden dangers of accidents and building a strong safety line of defense", on August 10, the management center focused on the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers of safety risks, organize the production vice president, general manager assistant, secretary, workshop supervisor and warehouse supervisor of each branch to carry out special inspection on safety, fire protection, sanitation and equipment.

Shen Zhouhu, assistant to the president, stressed that the inspection should focus on the fire safety management of various workshops and departments to ensure the effective elimination of fire hazards. The inspection content is divided into two parts: hardware and software. The hardware includes the use status and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment and facilities, the use of electricity and fire, and the smooth flow of safe passages. The software includes the spot inspection of fire-fighting facilities and the sorting of various ledger data. We must implement the requirements of full coverage, zero tolerance, strict law enforcement and emphasis on practical results.

This inspection is mainly to steadily advance the progress of the safety production month activities, in-depth investigation of potential safety hazards, so as to achieve comprehensive coverage and no dead ends; timely formulate and implement rectification measures for the hidden dangers of the investigation, connect up and down, implement the main safety responsibility, realize the closed-loop management of hidden dangers investigation and management, effectively strengthen the group's safety risk control and hidden danger management, improve the safety awareness of all employees, and implement the safety production month activities.

The group will continue to strengthen the special rectification work of production safety, constantly improve various safety measures, strengthen grid inspection, and eliminate all potential safety hazards in the bud.