Minglong Management, Safety Production Month "Eliminate Accident Hidden Danger and Build Safety Defense Line"-Safety Production Knowledge Training

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Eliminate hidden dangers of accidents and build a strong security line. On the morning of August 19, according to the plan of August safety production month, the group invited teacher Wang youdong of Jiaxing Anshun safety production technology consulting co., ltd. to give a lecture on "safety production knowledge". more than 230 administrative personnel of each branch, workshop team leaders and above management personnel, and some key positions in the workshop participated in the training.

Assistant President Shen Zhouhu said: The majority of employees should take this safety production knowledge training as an opportunity to learn safety knowledge, attach importance to safety production, and change their thinking from "I want to be safe" to "I want to be safe" to effectively provoke the responsibility of safety production. burden. To lay a solid foundation for the healthy and sustainable development of the Group.
In class, Mr. Wang stressed the importance of safety production responsibility and safety red line awareness. Play the warning film of safety production accident cases, strengthen the importance of safety production in enterprises through real cases and the usual company inspection of some potential safety hazards, make the safety awareness go deep into the hearts of the participating employees and integrate into the work, and truly form a safety management atmosphere of "everyone wants safety, everyone manages safety, everyone can be safe.
Through this training, the company's employees have further mastered the basic knowledge of safety production management, strengthened the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, consolidated the foundation of safety production, and promoted the sustained and stable development of the group's safety production situation.